Jesús is 27, and he has been making hammocks with Tio Antonio’s for seven years. He was raised by a single mom, and values spending time with his family. He is recently married!


Rosa has been with the hammock workshop at Tio Antonio’s for more than seven years. She is a part of the program that serves to support those with disabilities. Originally from Granada, she has become the primarily economic pillar within her family.


Pepe is 24 and has been working with Tio Antonio’s for five years. He’s originally from Granada and is the breadwinner in his family. He recently completed a university degree in Journalism.


Jason is 32, and he has been with Tio Antonio’s for 8 years. He started working at the Centro Social after a spinal injury. Originally from a humble family living in the city of Granada, he has a job that he is well suited for!


Jenny began working in the hammock workshop at a young age and is now responsible for the store. Originally from a very humble family in Granada, her work with Tio Antonios has facilitated her ability to be truly independent. At present, she is close to graduation from a university program.


Gustavo is 27 and has been with Tio Antonio’s for seven years. Thanks to the work he does he’s been able to create a home for his family in the Nicaraguan countryside.


Josué is a bright 14-year-old student residing in Padre Ramos, Nicaragua. Along with being a talented artist, Josué enjoys reading books, playing video games, and learning everything he can about medicine.

I attribute all of my accomplishments in life up to this point to the strength and efforts of my mother.” Josué understandably has one very proud mother!