Center for Understanding Nature (El CEN) 

At the White Rock Massif Preserve

Support for Nicaragua – Giving Back

The Mission of El CEN is to conserve and rehabilitate natural and agricultural ecosystems in the mountain regions of Northern Nicaragua.  El CEN works closely with the Nicaraguan government and the national university system to develop environmental practices and policies that ensure long-term sustainability of the cloud forest.  In addition, El CEN provides training and educational programs to local citizens regarding cloud forest preservation and the conservation of natural water sources.  


Through the dedication of its director, Alan Bolt, an agreement was reached in 2010 with the local and state governments that permanently preserved the White Rock Massif cloud forest.   Subsequently, Alan and his team built the Center for Understanding Nature located at the base of the White Rock Massif Preserve.  

Proceeds donated to El CEN will be used in the following:  

  • Purchase of additional lands for conservation 
  • Improvements to the facilities of the Center for Understanding Nature
  • Financing of additional community outreach programs