Wall Hangs

Tio Antonio’s Macramé Workshop was realized to create employment opportunities for women in high-risk situations. Each macramé piece, whether decorative or designed for holding planters, is crafted entirely by hand using 100% cotton thread and naturally derived dyes.  Each piece is completely original and reflects the enormous pride our artisans take in their work.




Big Corn Island

Artisan Bio: Jesús

Jesús is 27, and he’s been he has been making hammocks with Tio Antonio’s for seven years. He was raised by a single mom, and values spending time with his family. He is recently married!

Artisan Bio: Rosa

Rosa has been with the hammock workshop at Tio Antonio’s for more than seven years. She is a part of the program that serves to support those with disabilities. Originally from Granada, she has become the primarily economic pillar within her family.