Please read and understand in its entirety before attempting to assemble, install, or use this product.


Weight Capacity: 70 pounds. Never exceed this limit.

Child / Toddler swings are meant to be used with 100% adult supervision. Do NOT leave your child unattended.

The child MUST be able to hold his/her head up. This product is NOT meant for newborn babies. This product is only recommended for children 7 months to 4 years old.

Child cannot jump on product or use it like a playground swing or toy. This swing is ONLY meant to be swung at a maximum of 2 feet in either direction.

Be certain ALL chains/cords are not twisted prior / during use.

Swing MUST be installed into a wooden beam. Please seek professional assistance to ensure the product is safely and securely installed.


This swing is entirely made by hand. While certain quality control processes are in place, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the product prior to initial use.

Inspect the swing for damage or excessive wear-and-tear before each use.

This product complies with the Federal children’s product safety rules. This product has not been subjected to any additional industrial testing. 


We recommend storing the swing in a cool dry place when not in use.

We recommend protecting your product with ScotchGuard Water and Sun Shield or similar product.

Depending on size of the child, you may wish to consider using a small cushion to ensure a proper fit.

Highly recommended that you seek professional assistance with installation.

This product complies with current Federal children’s product safety rules.