Toddler Swing FAQ

  • Each toddler swing is specially tested to ensure it meets the safety testing requirements for children’s products in the United States. Please carefully review our safety recommendations for further information.
  • Hang swing from a beam or support sturdy enough to hold the weight of the child. Ensure the area where the swing is hung has enough space to move front and backwards. The swing has a metal enforced loop at the top which can be easily connected to a carabiner or existing swing setup. It’s highly recommended to seek professional assistance with product installation.
  • We recommend that the swing only be used for those 7 months to 4 years old, with a 70 pound weight capacity. When buying for a young child, please ensure that they are comfortable sitting up and holding their head up without assistance. Product requires 100% adult supervision. Please never leave your child alone when on the swing.
  • Cushion not currently included, but customers are encouraged to make or buy their own. Measurements of the seat are: 10” x 10”.